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Living Our Values

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Infused throughout the vision is a dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment on our campus and in our research, and to addressing racial justice in our community. We do this through a series of initiatives intended to create a more equitable environment for our community, and to encourage research focused on both understanding and addressing racism and other forms of discrimination in the wider world. We are also examining and acknowledging, rather than erasing, complex and difficult parts of our own history.

Through the vision, Stanford is assuming a greater responsibility for the societal and ethical impact of our research and education by embedding ethics in a curriculum taken by all first year students, and through coursework that brings societal implications of technology to the fore. We are also creating new opportunities for faculty to ask not only whether they can pursue ideas but whether they should. These initiatives make ethics integral to innovation, ensuring human wellbeing is at the center of technical and social advances.

These values extend to our campus, where new initiatives deepen engagements with the surrounding community and address affordability issues for the university’s community members.


Many vision initiatives support the university's goal of living our values.

IDEAL (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access Learning community)

IDEAL strives to ensure that diversity is represented across the university—from the makeup of our faculty, staff and student communities to how we work together to create a community free of bias and discrimination. IDEAL also focuses on the way we educate our students, carry our research and help society more broadly to fight the scourge of racism.

Ethics, Society and Technology Initiatives

The hub will embed ethics into how we teach, conduct research and develop solutions, deploying centralized resources campus-wide.

Community Engagement

The Office of Community Engagement creates a more purposeful and organized engagement between Stanford and the external communities with which the university interacts.

COLLEGE (Civic, Liberal, and Global Education)

A new core requirement for all first year students embeds ethics and civic responsibility in the education of all our students.



Knowing that affordability affects community groups differently, this effort seeks to identify and implement a set of sustainable, widespread and data-informed recommendations address affordability issues for faculty, students and staff.

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