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Stanford's Long-Range Vision

Fueled by optimism, ingenuity and a sense of responsibility, we seek to accelerate our purposeful impact in the world.

The scale and urgency of challenges facing us today require that Stanford reach farther and move faster to accelerate our purposeful impact in the world. We need a new way of working that enables us to tackle long-standing issues facing our society and our planet and allows us to be nimble when faced with unexpected threats. 

Our Vision amplifies Stanford’s contributions through a new model for research universities: accelerating the creation and application of knowledge to tackle the world’s great problems, anchoring research and education in ethics and civic responsibility, and promoting access and inclusion.

The strategic imperative of embedding ethics in everything we do is integrated across Our Vision, which is focused on:

  • accelerating Solutions to the world's most pressing problems
  • enhancing our Knowledge of the world and ourselves
  • advancing Education for our students
  • supporting our diverse Community of faculty, students and staff

Read the 2019-2020 LRV Annual Report (SUNetID required)

Our Vision Themes


Accelerating solutions for urgent challenges through initiatives that tackle pressing issues in the world and create partnerships to scale solutions beyond our walls.


Enhancing our knowledge of our world and ourselves through initiatives that empower fundamental work in the arts, humanities, social sciences, sciences and engineering.


Advancing education for our undergraduate and graduate students by increasing access and creating a community that supports diverse students throughout their academic journey.


Supporting our community of faculty, students and staff who underlie Stanford’s beneficial impact in the world.

“A purposeful university promotes
and celebrates excellence as a means
to magnify its benefit to society.”

Marc Tessier-Lavigne