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Accelerating Solutions

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Stanford has a history of making a difference in the world, from new technologies and clinical care to scholarship that guides policies and practices. But the scale and urgency of challenges we face in society today impels us to ensure ideas born at Stanford benefit the widest population. The university is meeting that need through accelerators that ensure faculty with an interest in impact have a path for success. 

Accelerators focused on health, societal problems, learning and sustainability work by supporting teams of faculty through funding, access to technologies, expert staffing and space. They also connect faculty with partners in the public, private and social sectors, bringing the power of university scholarship directly to those who can best implement it. These partnerships also benefit Stanford scholars by sparking new research directions and revealing new questions. What's more, by working with partners, the accelerators can prioritize solutions for communities that have traditionally been overlooked and whose populations haven’t benefited equally from advances.


Many vision initiatives support the university's goal of accelerating solutions for the world. In addition, the goals of IDEAL  (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access in a Learning Environment) are embedded across all aspects of the vision.

Stanford Impact Labs

Stanford Impact Labs is an accelerator that creates an innovative research and development pipeline for the social sciences, connecting researchers with leaders in the public, social and private sectors to develop evidence-driven solutions to social problems.

Innovative Medicines Accelerator

The IMA overcomes obstacles in developing new medicines by building on and extending existing Stanford resources while also filling in gaps that have made it difficult for some research advances to reach patients.

Stanford Accelerator for Learning

Stanford Accelerator for Learning emphasizes a student-centered approach to the science and design of learning, harnessing multidisciplinary faculty, external partnerships and teaching networks to improve educational experiences for all.

Sustainability Accelerator

The Sustainability Accelerator will draw expertise from across the university and outside partners to co-create and scale policy and technology solutions for climate and sustainability challenges that threaten people globally.

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