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Initiatives focused on education will enhance the experience of undergraduate and graduate students on campus and support diverse students who are determined to make a difference. That includes increasing access to a Stanford education with financial aid along with programs to create community and support students throughout their academic journey.

Access to education

We are committed to welcoming undergraduate and graduate students from all backgrounds, and to ensuring they have necessary financial aid and professional advising so all students can thrive. 


ResX and the Town Center

These long-term plans include cohesive housing neighborhoods and a planned revitalization of the White Plaza area, which together will create a residential experience and campus environment that encourage intellectual vitality and extend the work in the classroom.

ResX  Town Center

Renewing liberal education

Stanford has always embraced a liberal education, meaning an education that incorporates thinking and viewpoints from across disciplines. Two proposed plans would generate an environment where all students can be exposed to diverse intellectual experiences by creating a first year undergraduate curriculum shared by all students and revising major requirements.