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Strengthening Communities on Campus and Beyond

Strengthening Communities on Campus and Beyond image
To inspire learning, foster collaboration and enhance life

Our community theme includes near-term and long-term plans that support our vision of an inspired, inclusive and collaborative community of diverse scholars, students and staff connecting across campus and in our communities. These projects will enhance life on campus and amplify opportunities to contribute to our world.

Programmatic Activity

Advancing Learning Beyond the Classroom

  • ResX: ResX seeks to support the health and well-being of students, community and belonging on campus, and advances intellectual and personal growth. ResX will strengthen the residential experience by developing neighborhoods that foster a sense of belonging and continuity during students’ experience at Stanford.  

  • Advising Enhancements: Teams working with the vice provosts of graduate education and undergraduate education have developed strategies to produce shared advising standards: communication on expectations for advising relationships, advisor accessibility and accountability, training and support for advisors, student responsibility for seeking additional resources and information systems to support planning possible pathways.

Supporting Our Campus Community

These activities will be integrated into the operations of the university to support our people and steward our resources.

  • Affordability Task Force (ATF):  Affordability is a critical issue for Stanford and the region. The ATF is developing sustainable, broad-based recommendations using data generated from a campus affordability assessment and research by stakeholder groups. Emerging themes are informing priorities around housing, transportation, childcare and benefits that vary across our community. The ATF will deliver recommendations to the Executive Cabinet in the fall.

  • IDEAL: IDEAL seeks to maintain Stanford’s status as a premier institution for research and education by moving the institution culturally into the future. The project team has launched efforts in recruitment, engagement, research and education and has set priorities in each area to embed the values of IDEAL through a shared vision, optimal organizational arrangements, resources, and metrics for accountability.

  • Town Center & Community Engagement: The Town Center project will reimagine the region around White Plaza as a central point of social connection for Stanford. It will consider programs, operations and services that prioritize community-building, authentic social interaction, and intellectual interchange. By early 2020, the team will present specific possibilities for the Town Center. Community Engagement seeks to build deeper connections across campus to support the mission of the university. It will aim to enhance the sense of belonging and excitement among employees of the university, as well as students.

  • Professional Development: Programs will develop a comprehensive and contemporary  approach to professional development available to staff at various levels, providing a balance of education, experiences and exposure.

  • Stewardship: This work will ensure that the management of our facilities, infrastructure and resources align with and support the needs of a changing workplace. The Executive Cabinet is developing governance models, organizational structures and centralization of resources to support future programmatic and operational needs in light of increased collaboration across campus and multiple worksites.

Engaging Beyond the Farm

An Engagement Hub will be dedicated to advancing the public good and developing sustained partnerships beyond campus. The hub will support coordination of academic and non-academic community engagement activities through a new  Office of Community Engagement in the Office of External Relations with the guidance of an advisory board of faculty, staff and students. A Global Discovery Team report is under review by the Executive Cabinet, with next steps to come.