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Building Pathways to Impact

Building Pathways to Impact image
To accelerate the application of knowledge to tackle real-world problems

We have the opportunity to have greater impact in our world by creating new pathways across and beyond the campus to accelerate the application of knowledge to solve real world problems. Building on Stanford’s tradition of crossing disciplinary boundaries, we will create new intersections across disciplines and connect researchers with flexible funding, shared infrastructure, professional expertise, and external partners in order to make significant contributions to solving the pressing problems in our world.

Programmatic Activity

Innovative Medicines Accelerator (IMA)

This collaboration will change the paradigm of biomedical research by accelerating the translation of breakthroughs in understanding of disease into innovative therapies and cures. We envision the IMA to be a place where people bring the most difficult, unsolved problems in human health. IMA will provide an infrastructure that enables rapid application of innovations in molecular science, computation, and engineering to facilitate fundamentally new insights into human biology and to improve human health by bringing new therapies and diagnostics into clinics faster.

Social X-Change Accelerator

The Social X-Change Accelerator will enable Stanford scholars to work in partnership with the public, private, and social sectors in tackling social problems using human creativity, rigorous evidence, and innovative technology. It will make significant investments in focused, long-term research partnerships (Impact Labs), offer professional staff support, and provide flexible spaces for team-based work. The Social X-Change Accelerator will generate and scale up new policies and programs that meaningfully address concrete social problems. It will also be a platform for rethinking how we teach and train, fueling students’ aspirations to tackle social problems through innovative courses, apprenticeships, and meaningful opportunities to collaborate with outside partners.

Climate Solutions

Climate Solutions will help ecosystems and society thrive in an era of climate upheaval. We will advance the development of zero-carbon technologies for energy production and carbon capture at scale and translational research for climate and energy solutions by coalescing physical-process understanding, integrative modeling, human decision making and social science perspectives. To enable communities to flourish, we will deliver innovative and impactful climate and energy solutions tailored to regional and local needs.

Transformative Learning

Transformative Learning will seek to achieve fundamental breakthroughs in our understanding of how people learn and the best conditions for learning; develop innovative strategies to support learning across the lifespan; and leverage technology and online resources to equip all learners to adapt and thrive in a changing future. This interdisciplinary learning ecosystem will apply digital innovation to improve teaching and broaden access to learning, both at Stanford and beyond. We will facilitate cross-campus collaborations to study the science of learning from a variety of perspectives and deliver new knowledge, ideas and solutions through partnerships with schools, private industry, and organizations.