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Advancing & Bridging Disciplines

Advancing & Bridging Disciplines image
To achieve breakthroughs for humanity

This theme applies deep disciplinary expertise and broad interdisciplinary perspectives extending from the humanities and social sciences to science and engineering.

Programmatic Activity 

Navigating the Changing Human Experience (CHE) 

CHE will provide innovative resources to deepen knowledge, advance learning, and spark creativity across the humanities and social sciences.

  • CHE Research Hub will enable exploration of four themes: the changing body, the changing mind, the changing globe, and changing political communities. As recommended by the Flexible Resources Design Team, CHE will empower faculty with competitively available seed grants to deepen knowledge in these four areas of inquiry. The research hub will have the flexibility to rotate and introduce new themes in the future.

  • Public Humanities Program will support faculty and graduate students in extending their contributions to society through broad engagement beyond campus.

  • Curricular Innovations: Expanding the horizons of a Stanford education will provide a shared intellectual experience for first-year students reflecting the core values of a liberal education such as independent thinking, civic responsibility and global understanding and will create pathways to a broad academic experience that crosses disciplines (subject to Faculty Senate review).  

  • An Arts and Culture Incubator will serve as a focal point for arts practice on campus, reflecting the pivotal role that arts and culture play in the progress of humanity.

  • An Ethics, Society & Technology Integrative Hub will address the complexity of the ethical implications and societal consequences of technological and scientific advances.

Understanding and Sustaining the Natural World

Through fellowships and resources, the Natural World  will advance the frontiers of knowledge and foster collaborations across the schools and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.

  • The Natural World Fellows Program will offer a new approach to postdoctoral training that will attract top talent to harness interdisciplinary approaches, connect faculty across disciplines and enhance the diversity of our community.  

  • Strategic platforms prioritized by the faculty in areas such as imaging, making spaces, nanofacilities and digital tools to monitor natural systems, will enable researchers to push the frontiers of knowledge in the natural and environmental sciences and engineering.

Shaping the Digital Future: Data Science & Human-Centered AI

Scholars from virtually every academic field and discipline are using data to advance the frontiers of knowledge in ways never before thought possible. Similarly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having a transformative effect on economies, legal and political norms, and society. Through Shaping the Digital Future, Stanford will:

  • develop innovative data science and AI advances and applications;

  • weave data science research and methods into Stanford's fabric by providing tools, skills and understanding for data-driven research and data science education across disciplines;

  • inform policy development for AI to enhance human productivity and quality of life;

  • and serve as an interdisciplinary hub to understand and leverage AI’s impact and potential.